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October 2018
NewClimate Institute, Germanwatch
Aligning Investments with the Paris Agreement Temperature Goal: Challenges and opportunities for multilateral development banks proposes a definition of alignment with the Paris temperature goal and reviews decision-making tools for assessing alignment and shifting portfolios used by seven major multilateral development banks.
September 2018
MAVA Foundation
The second edition of the Global Green Finance Index (GGFI 2) measures finance professionals’ perceptions of the quality and depth of green financial products across 110 international financial centres.
September 2018
European Commission
This reference document outlines the EU's vision and approach towards a green economic transition. It aims at promoting a better understanding of the green economy, giving policy and operational guidance, and presenting best practices. In also provides definitions and explains the rationale for cooperation on the green economy in line with EU policies and the growing interest in partner countries.
September 2018
Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
The Global Wetland Outlook examines the state and trends of wetlands. It reviews the drivers of wetland loss and degradation, identifies knowledge gaps, highlights successes and best practices, and outlines responses for the wetland community and other sectors to maintain or restore the ecological character of the world's wetlands.