Our Platforms

The GGKP’s three knowledge platforms — Green Policy Platform, Green Industry Platform and Green Finance Platform — offer quick and easy access to the latest research, case studies, toolkits and learning products to empower policymakers and advisers, SMEs, banks, insurance and investment firms to make evidence-based decisions about how to green their operations. The platforms offer everything from global-scale assessments and highly specialized guidance notes, to the latest insights on green policy, business and finance.

Contributing knowledge, data and tools for a policy-driven transition to a green economy

The Green Policy Platform provides the largest collection of knowledge for a policy-driven transition to a green economy from leading institutions and experts.

At the end of 2022, the Green Policy Platform featured over 8,448 green growth knowledge products, including global reports, case studies, guidance notes and learning products from more than 135 organizations across 38 sector and thematic pages and 193 country pages. The Green Policy Platform also supported the launch of initiative pages including Global Opportunities for SDGs (GO4SDGs), Economics for Nature (E4N), Green Learning Network, Partners for Inclusive Green Economy, UNEA-5 Resolution on Mineral Resource Governance and Supporting Preparedness for Article 6 Cooperation (SPAR6C) programme.

Helping SMEs become more competitive by going green

The Green Industry Platform provides sector- and country-specific technical and practical knowledge to support a green industrial transformation, offering a user-friendly online database to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and industry stakeholders become more resource efficient, sustainable and productive.

Through the global I-GO initiative, SMEs are able to self-assess their resource efficiency status and access tailored recommendations as well as knowledge and support services. To deliver more technical and tailored support, the Green Industry Platform hosted regional workshops, meet and greets and national-level training workshops specifically in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) to introduce and train SME-supporting organizations on the I-GO Assistant and discuss practical steps for scaled regional collaborations. 

Building the financial architecture for a sustainable economic transition

The Green Finance Platform provides the latest finance research, regulations, tools and guidance to banks, investors, insurers and regulators to enable sustainable finance practices aligned with international standards.

One of the flagship products of the Green Finance Platform, the Green Finance Measures Database (GFMD) maps a total of 784 green finance policy and regulatory measures across 109 countries. Together with 38 knowledge partners, the platform facilitates a global discussion on the state of sustainable finance and identifies new domains of knowledge linked to sustainability limits, risks and opportunities to ensure investors, banks and insurers provide efficient capital allocation towards a just, net-zero economy. The Green Finance Platform also hosts a series of webinars titled “Finance Meets” to explore how the financial sector can intersect with various themes and opportunities to take leadership while contributing to sustainable development.