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October 2016
McKinsey Center for Business and Environment
This issue, The Circular Economy: Moving from theory to practice, is a special collection of articles about the transition taking place as companies use circular-economy concepts to capture more value from resources and to provide customers with better experiences.
January 2016
McKinsey Center for Business and Environment

Sustainable infrastructure is at the nexus of growth, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability, and is therefore important to making progress toward the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to end poverty by 2030.

June 2015
Ellen MacArthur Foundation, McKinsey Center for Business and Environment, Stiftungsfonds für Umweltökonomie und Nachhaltigkeit (SUN)

The circular economy is gaining increasing attention in Europe and around the world as a potential way for our society to increase prosperity, while reducing dependence on primary materials and energy.

June 2012
McKinsey Center for Business and Environment

India is expected to grow at such a rapid rate over the next two decades that it could build approximately 80 per cent of the physical assets—including infrastructure, commercial and residential real estate, vehicle stock, and industrial capacity—that will constitute the India of 2030.