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Trade is usually associated with economic growth and organizations such as the World Trade Organization. Why is this topic relevant to the work of UN Environment?
Affordable and reliable access to infrastructure is critical for development, with major implications for health, education, social mobility, firm productivity, climate change, energy, forests and biodiversity. But access alone is not enough. What we really need is sustainable infrastructure. Sustainable infrastructure will provide the services and foundation for growth that are needed to reduce poverty and boost shared prosperity – but to get there, we must substantially increase financing for infrastructure in the developing world.
Making the world’s energy and infrastructure safe and sustainable for the future is going to take money – lots of money. Are green bonds a sign that financial markets are starting to mobilise?

Green growth provides a means by which economic, environmental and social goals can be simultaneously achieved. It presents an opportunity to make existing industries more sustainable while at the same time encouraging new industries and a diversified economy. Technological innovation is essential to this transition, without innovation it will be very difficult and costly to address major environmental issues.

Addressing climate change while promoting economic growth requires the large-scale deployment of green technologies across key sectors such as power generation, transport and energy use. Although many of these technologies, such as wind and solar energy or hybrid and electric cars, are already available, they are often more costly than existing fossil fuel-based options, meaning either that further refinement is required or that new technologies must be developed. Investing in research and development (R&D), supporting commercialization, strengthening markets and fostering technology diffusion are all key policy actions required for the deployment of new technologies and innovations.

Relevance to the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 9 and 17 call for action to foster innovation, with a special attention to the least developing countries, by enhancing scientific research, upgrading technological capabilities (SDG 9.5) and expanding international cooperation (SDG 17.6).

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