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World Bank Group

The overarching objective of this project is to assist the Philippines in meeting the demand for electricity and to increase access to electricity in a sustainable manner.

November 2016
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Climate Investment Funds (CIF)

Kazakhstan is a vast but sparsely populated country rich in natural resources, located in the centre of the Eurasian landmass. In recent years, it has embarked on building a greeneconomy, taking the lead among its Central Asian neighbours.

International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Mongolia can use its vast renewable energy resources to bolster energy security, reduce pollution, meet global climate commitments and develop regional electricity exports, finds Mongolia Renewable Readiness Assessment prepared jointly by IRENA and Mongolian Ministry of Energy.

January 2013
Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21), Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP)

The future of renewable energy is fundamentally a choice, not a foregone conclusion given technology and economic trends, according to this report.

September 2016
Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

This report assesses why and how some countries within Asia (referred to in this report as Target Countries) have achieved success in attracting renewable energy investment, what are the critical barriers to furthering renewable energy deployment, and the policy measures and practical interventio

February 2014
International Conference for Renewable Energies

The aim of this paper is to review existing evidence on the role of renewable energies in bringing gender equity.

May 2014
Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21)

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the renewable energy market, industry, investment and policy developments worldwide. It covers recent developments, current status, and key trends; by design, it does not provide analysis or forecast.

June 2013
Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21)

Renewable energy markets, industries, and policy frameworks have evolved rapidly in recent years. This report provides a comprehensive and timely overview of renewable energy market, industry, investment, and policy developments worldwide.

June 2018
Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21)

Renewable power accounted for 70% of net additions to global power generating capacity in 2017, but global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose 1.4% in 2017, after three years of holding steady.

18 December 2015
Edgar Hertwich
In this "Insights" blog post, Professor Edgar Hertwich discusses the new International Resource Panel "Green Energy Choices" report.