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May 2017
World Bank Group, Ecofys

The report is a one stop shop for learning about key developments and prospects of existing and emerging carbon initiatives. There is a continued momentum for carbon pricing.

University of Edinburgh
The MSc in Carbon Finance is dedicated to professionals in the field of low carbon finance and investment. Designed to develop your understanding of how the challenges of climate change are driving trillions of dollars of new investment in a huge range of sectors, including energy production, housing and infrastructure, the programme will also prepare you to deliver this investment with advanced knowledge and skills.
11 April 2018 to 13 April 2018
Partner Event
On 11-13 April 2018, the Government of Kenya is hosting the Africa Carbon Forum in Nairobi, Kenya.
October 2015
New Climate Economy (NCE)

Support for carbon pricing is growing around the world.

November 2013
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Economic textbooks predict that taxes and emission trading systems are the cheapest way for societies to reduce emissions of CO2. This book shows that this is also the case in the real world.

December 2018
World Bank Group
Stakeholder and public support are critical for an enduring and robust carbon pricing policy. How jurisdictions communicate their carbon pricing policy plays a key role in creating and maintaining that support. Drawing on case studies, research, and best practice, the report, Guide to Communicating Carbon Pricing, provides guidance on designing and implementing effective carbon pricing communications strategies.
May 2018
World Bank Group
The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition Leadership Report serves as the Coalition's annual report by providing the latest on the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) activities while also aiming to inspire government and business leaders to take more action.
February 2013

Low Carbon Development: Key Issues is the first comprehensive textbook to address the interface between international development and climate change in a carbon constrained world.

November 2010
Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN)

Low carbon growth seeks to promote economic development while keeping emissions low, or lower. Although Ghana is not responsible for the greenhouse effect, low carbon growth can be beneficial to Ghana.

November 2009
Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
The paper presents a review of low carbon growth policies in two high-income (UK and Germany), five middle-income (China, India, Mexico, Guyana and Nigeria) and two low-income countries (Bangladesh and Ethiopia).