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March 2019
World Bank Group
This guidebook, Designing Accreditation and Verification Systems: A Guide to ensuring credibility for carbon pricing instruments, aims to help regulators to better understand their options in designing a carbon pricing verification system tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.
March 2019
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
This paper, Towards Green Growth in Emerging Market Economies: Evidence from environmental performance reviews , provides a cross-country review of progress towards green growth in selected emerging market economies that are members or partners of the OECD. It presents the main achievements in the countries reviewed, along with common trends and policy challenges, and provides insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of green growth policy frameworks and measures, which may provide useful lessons for other OECD and partner countries.
February 2019
Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
This issue brief Shades of Green: An introduction to the Green Economy for Parliamentarians aims to provide parliamentarians with a basic understanding of the green economy and of the policies required to transition toward it.
December 2018
Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)
The Green Growth Potential Assessment (GGPA) is a diagnostic tool that combines data analysis and stakeholder consultation. Its purpose is to identify and prioritize a country’s opportunities for green growth as well as to develop specific recommendations for each of the identified priorities. During the past three years, the assessment process has been successfully concluded in seven countries: Cambodia, Colombia, Lao PDR, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, and Peru. This report, Green Growth Potential Assessment: Synthesis report, summarizes the experiences in each country and discusses the lessons learned during that period.
November 2018
United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment)
Current measures of economic progress, like GDP, are a poor indicator of economic progress, environmental sustainability and human well-being. This edition of the Inclusive Wealth Report presents the Inclusive Wealth Index, which looks at the manufactured, human and natural capital of 140 countries, and assesses the changing health of these assets over a quarter of a century – a massive dataset that covers almost an entire generation.
November 2018
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), University of Oxford
This report, The development and use of biodiversity indicators in business: an overview , builds on a suite of work focused on providing guidelines and tools specifically for business, and it is intended to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on biodiversity indicators within Europe and beyond.
October 2018
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
An international perspective on China’s progress towards green growth is illustrated in this report, China’s Progress Towards Green Growth, with focus on industry and the interplay between industrial development and environment.
October 2018
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
The report Comprehensive Wealth in Canada 2018: Measuring what matters in the long term tries to measure the comprehensive wealth in Canada. Comprehensive wealth in this report means the country's produced, natural, human, financial and social capital. The findings of the report suggest that the concerns for Canada's future in terms of comprehensive wealth is well-founded as the analysis demonstrates that the foundation of the GDP growth is fragile.
October 2018
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
This publication launches the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Inclusive Green Growth Index (IGGI) — a new metric for quality of growth that reflects economic growth, social equity, environmental sustainability. The index’s 28 performance indicators include data over time—and across countries—on various aspects of growth and policy outcomes in areas where higher investment will advance better quality of growth and living standards.
September 2018
MAVA Foundation
The second edition of the Global Green Finance Index (GGFI 2) measures finance professionals’ perceptions of the quality and depth of green financial products across 110 international financial centres.