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November 2017
Ecofys, Vivid Economics, World Bank Group
Reflecting the growing momentum for carbon pricing worldwide, the 2017 edition of the State and Trends of Carbon Pricing targets the wide audience of public and private stakeholders engaged in carbon pricing design and implementation.
May 2013
Adam Smith International, Vivid Economics

This is the final report for the joint Adam Smith International and Vivid Economics ‘study of mechanisms to incentivize the financial sector to scale up financing of green investment in Jordan’.

November 2012
Vivid Economics, University of Auckland

The New Zealand Green Growth Research Trust (NZGGRT) commissioned this report to support its thinking on how to grasp important opportunities that would improve the wellbeing of New Zealanders.

May 2012
Vivid Economics, European Climate Foundation (ECF), Green Budget Europe (GBE)

The overriding challenge for many European governments today is to reduce major fiscal deficits with the least collateral damage to the economy.