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December 2018
Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG), UK aid

Bangladesh has made tremendous progress with development since independence reflected in rising income, sharp reduction in poverty and improvements with human development.

December 2018
Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG), UK aid

Bangladesh is a strong actor in the effort to reduce global carbon emission. This is appropriate as it faces a major adverse burden from global climate change. Although per capita carbon emission is low, total carbon emission in Bangladesh is growing.

October 2018
Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG), UK aid

Bangladesh is at a critical stage in its development, being now listed as a middle-income country, and looking to reach upper-middle income status by 2021.

September 2018
Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG), UK aid

Bangladesh’s Ready-Made Garments (RMG) industry remains the backbone of its industrial growth in the coming decades. This paper sought to examine its environmental compliance landscape in terms of the incentives and barriers RMG entrepreneurs face.

August 2018
Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG), UK aid
This paper Triggering Green Transformation of the Private Sector Through Central Bank-led Initiatives: The role of Bangladesh Bank in mainstreaming green finance in Bangladesh presents a diagnostic assessment of the initiatives undertaken by Bangladesh's central bank to disburse green finance to the private sector. It also proposes a functional conceptualization of the term "green finance" for the national context and spells out a number of recommendations for triggering a green transformation of the private sector through central bank-led initiatives in Bangladesh.
December 2017
Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG), UK aid

Bangladesh has made important progress in a number of areas relating to environmental management but this has not matched the progress with the growth and poverty reduction agenda.

November 2017
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), UK aid
Forest landscape restoration (FLR) is the long-term process of regaining ecological functionality and enhancing human well-being across deforested or degraded forest landscapes. Enhancing Resilience through Forest Landscape Restoration: Understanding Synergies and Identifying Opportunities is the first in a series of IUCN Discussion Papers focused on FLR that intend to to inform decision-makers, practitioners, and other stakeholders involved in the fields of forestry and resilience of the opportunities for integrating forest landscape restoration with resilience principles, and the synergies therein.
October 2017
Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG), Adam Smith International, UK aid
The study Governance for Green Growth in Bangladesh: Policies, Institutions, and Political Economy conducts an assessment of the regulatory regime in place in Bangladesh as it impacts the potential to pursue a trajectory of green growth.
March 2017
Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG), UK aid

Many of the investments made in Bangladesh, especially in the manufacturing sector, have contributed to impressive growth in GDP over the last decade, but have presented the threat of locking in the country into an unsustainable development path.  In Bangladesh, even though some policy alignments

December 2016
World Bank Group, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Agence Française de Développement (AFD), Bank Netherlands Partnership Program (BNDP), Nordic Development Fund (NDF), KFW, GGKP Annual Conference, UK aid

Roads are a key asset for Africa - they connect villages to economic centers, people to hospitals, children to schools and goods to markets facilitating trade.