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June 2018
Green Economy Coalition (GEC), Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS), African Centre for a Green Economy
The Green Economy Barometer 2018: South Africa, produced by South African thinktanks the African Centre and Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS) and supported by the Green Economy Coalition (GEC), provides a snapshot of the transition to a fair, green economy. It is drawn from evidence of policy progress as well as the insights of civil society organisations who are tracking the transition on the ground.
March 2018
Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)
This analysis Green Economy Industry and Trade Analysis: Assessing South Africa's Potential focuses on the development of new trade opportunities for green industries in South Africa, both for import substitution and for exports.
May 2017
Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS), World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF)

The policy brief Climate Change Adaptation and Agriculture in South Africa: A Policy Assessment considers the extent to which South African policies and strategic plans adequately address climate change adaptation in the agricultural sector.

March 2017
Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS), South African-Germany Energy Partnership

The Discussion Paper New Roles for South African Municipalities in Renewable Energy - A Review of business models reviews possible business models for South African municipalities to seize arising opportunities and minimise potential risks associated with the introduction of renewable en

March 2016
Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)
The working paper Power and Governance in Agri-food Systems: Key Issues for Policymakers presents an analysis of the dominant and growing agri-food system in South Africa, focusing on power and governance as two key factors that critically influence system outcomes.
July 2015
Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)
The working paper Mining Value Chains and Green Growth in South Africa: A Conflictual but Intertwined Relationship explores the impact of electricity price increases on the competitiveness of selected mining sector and smelting value chains in South Africa, looking at whether this has incentivised mining-related companies to invest in renewable energy, cogeneration and energy efficiency.
April 2014
Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS), University of Johannesburg, Centre for Competition, Regulation and Economic Development (CCRED)
The report Review of Regulation in Renewable Energy provides an analysis of how South Africa’s renewable energy sector has been developing. It identifies the key players, policies and regulation that have shaped the development of the sector.
March 2013
Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)
The paper Tracking Climate Finance Inflows to South Africa conducts a case study focused on the state of the tracking of public and private climate-related inflows to South Africa.
February 2013
International Labour Foundation for Sustainable Development (Sustainlabour), Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)
The report Green Jobs and Related Policy Frameworks: An Overview of South Africa includes an analysis of national-level policy and strategies on green jobs in South Africa.
October 2012
Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)
The paper Harnessing Public Trade Finance to Foster a Green Economy in Developing Countries: Current State of Play and Way Forward investigates the potential to harness trade finance to foster the development of a green economy in developing countries.