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July 2017
Toulouse School of Economics, French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), University of Toulouse, University of Gothenburg, GGKP Annual Conference
The paper Decarbonizing Electricity Generation with Intermittent Sources of Energy examines public policies and technological solutions that aim to decarbonize electricity production by replacing fossil fuel energy by intermittent renewable sources, namelywind and solar power.
June 2017
Toulouse School of Economics, World Bank Group, GGKP Annual Conference

When a policy is evaluated, the rate at which future costs and benefits should be discounted depends upon their maturity and risk profile.

June 2017
Toulouse School of Economics, European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics (ECARES), Paris School of Economics, GGKP Annual Conference

The authors study the impact of institutional characteristics of national and supranational regulation on the effectiveness of both types of regulation. The focus is on four institutional dimensions: regulatory capacity, accountability, commitment and fiscal capacity.

February 2016
Toulouse School of Economics

The global economy produces energy from two sources: a polluting non-renewable resource and a renewable resource. Transforming crude energy into ready-to-use energy services requires costly processes and more efficient energy transformation rates are more costly to achieve.