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July 2017
UN Global Compact, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), United Nations Environment Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System (UN Environment Inquiry), The Rockefeller Foundation
The Shifting Perceptions: ESG, credit risk and ratings - Part 1- the state of play report looks at why ESG factors matter in credit risk analysis, what investors and credit-rating agencies (CRAs) are currently doing on this front, and what their expectations are.
January 2016
The Rockefeller Foundation
This report Conservation Finance From Niche to Mainstream: The Building of an institutional asset class is targeted at mainstream investors who are interested in learning more about investment structures that provide a market-rate return and a positive conservation impact.
December 2014

What risks do our civilisations face, and how will we identify them? Are we living through a key transition for our species and civilisations, and how would we know if we were? What forces have shaped past civilisations and our civilisations today, and what will protect future civilisations?