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March 2018
The Nature Conservancy
This paper Sustainable Land Bonds: How Governments can Finance Climate Commitments and Strengthen Rural Economies shows how tropical forest countries can access large amounts of inexpensive capital through issuing Sustainable Land Bonds (SLBs) that can be used to finance the largescale transition to sustainable and low-carbon land management practices.
January 2018
World Resources Institute (WRI)
The report The Business of Planting Trees: A Growing Investment Opportunity highlights four promising investment themes in land restoration - technology, consumer products, project management, and commercial forestry - and includes case studies of 14 businesses across eight countries that are part of an emerging forest and land restoration economy.
February 2015
The Nature Conservancy, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), World Bank Group

In recent years there has been increasing support for establishing successful models of REDD+ and low emissions development (LED) efforts at a jurisdictional scale.