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November 2018
The booklet Green-win Narratives developed through the course of the GREEN-WIN project within the Global Dialogue and the detailed studies carried out by the project partners. The GREEN-WIN project is a major international transdisciplinary research collaboration supported by the EU. It applies a solution-oriented approach targeted at increasing the understanding of links between climate action, economic development, and sustainability.
March 2018
Ecological Economics (Elsevier)
The role of technology transfer in the mitigation of climate change has been strongly emphasized in the recent policy debate. This paper Technology Diffusion and Climate Policy: A Network Approach and its Application to Wind Energy offers a network-based perspective on the issue.
March 2018
Autonomous University of Barcelona, GREEN-WIN
This paper Positive Tipping Points in a Rapidly Warming World review the relevance and meaning of positive tipping points (PTPs) to assess the required transformations for achieving the 2–1.5 °C target.