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October 2018
NewClimate Institute, Germanwatch
Aligning Investments with the Paris Agreement Temperature Goal: Challenges and opportunities for multilateral development banks proposes a definition of alignment with the Paris temperature goal and reviews decision-making tools for assessing alignment and shifting portfolios used by seven major multilateral development banks.
November 2017
For the past 13 years, the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) has been keeping track of countries’ efforts in combating climate change. The varying initial positions, interests and strategies of the numerous countries make it difficult to distinguish their strengths and weaknesses and the CCPI has been an important tool in contributing to a clearer understanding of national and international climate policy.
November 2017
The Climate Change Performance Index is an instrument designed to enhance transparency in international climate politics. Its aim is to put political and social pressure on those countries which have, up until now, failed to take ambitious action on climate protection.
November 2017
Der Klimaschutz-Index ist ein Instrument, das mehr Transparenz in die internationale Klimapolitik bringen soll. Ziel ist es einerseits, den politischen und zivilgesellschaftlichen Druck auf diejenigen Länder zu erhöhen, die bisher noch keine ehrgeizigen Maßnahmen zum Klimaschutz ergriffen haben, und andererseits Länder mit vorbildlichen Politikmaßnahmen herauszustellen.