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November 2018
The steps set out in this document enable a company to decide whether it wishes to make the transition to activities that deliver a Net Gain for Biodiversity (BNG) - or at least No Net Loss - and how to get there.
January 2018
Forest Trends
This report Toward a Financial Architecture to Protect Tropical Forests focuses on Brazil both as a critical forest country and in order to describe an architecture of finance based on a particular framework of law and existing institutional efforts to protect forests.
December 2017
Forest Trends

The report Fertile Ground: State of Forest Carbon Finance 2017 details innovative mechanisms that channel finance towards enhancing the ability of forests and other natural land areas to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

May 2008
Forest Trends, Katoomba Group, United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment)
A primer designed to provide the reader with a solid understanding of what Payments for Ecosystem Service (PES) are and how they work.