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August 2018
UK Aid Direct, Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG)
This paper presents a diagnostic assessment of the initiatives undertaken by Bangladesh's central bank to disburse green finance to the private sector. It also proposes a functional conceptualisation of the term "green finance" for the national context, and spells out a number of recommendations for triggering a green transformation of the private sector through central bank-led initiatives in Bangladesh.
April 2018
Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG)
This paper Greening Public Financial Management for Sustainable Development: A Green Fiscal Framework for Bangladesh offers suggestions on how principles of environmental conservation and sustainable use of natural capital can be embedded in, and delivered through the public financial management (PFM) system of Bangladesh.
October 2017
Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG), Adam Smith International, UK Aid Direct
The study Governance for Green Growth in Bangladesh: Policies, Institutions, and Political Economy conducts an assessment of the regulatory regime in place in Bangladesh as it impacts the potential to pursue a trajectory of green growth.
March 2017
UK Aid Direct, Economic Dialogue on Green Growth (EDGG)

Many of the investments made in Bangladesh, especially in the manufacturing sector, have contributed to impressive growth in GDP over the last decade, but have presented the threat of locking in the country into an unsustainable development path.  In Bangladesh, even though some policy alignments