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March 2018
Nordic Council of Ministers
The Nordic Council of Ministers has published a report on potential policy instruments that can accelerate a transition toward a circular economy in the Nordic construction sector. Most of the policy instruments identified focus on rules and regulation, particularly on the content and quality of building materials and demolition plans.
November 2016
Nordic Council of Ministers
The report Nordic best practices: Relevant for UNEP 10YFP on sustainable tourism and information presents nineteen initiatives on the themes of sustainable tourism and consumer information. They are presented in a manner designed to facilitate a comparison of their respective strengths, key results, and novelty as well as to draw lessons learned of each particular case.
September 2016
Nordic Council of Ministers

Energy issues are also a high priority in the Nordic Council. In light of this, the Nordic Council’s Environment and Natural Resources Committee and Business and Industry Committee established a working group – the Energy Group – in the spring of 2015.

April 2016
Nordic Council of Ministers

The purpose of this study was to clear out how Green Public Procurement has been realized in state framework contracts in the Nordic countries, to propose country-specific ways to improve the situation, and to draw a general model of efficient ways to realize green state framework contracts.

March 2016
Nordic Council of Ministers

In 2013, the Nordic Ministers for the Environment decided to strenghten the measurement of green estimates of welfare and socio-economic developments.

October 2015
Nordic Council of Ministers

Environmental impacts are increasing due to human activities. The overuse of the benefits nature provides us is the direct result of our failure to put a price on these benefits. One way of addressing this is to require environmental compensation.

September 2015
Nordic Council of Ministers

Moving towards a ‘Circular Economy’ is an action that many world business leaders, policy makers, academics and NGOs argue is necessary in order to help solve global environmental and economic challenges.

February 2015
Nordic Council of Ministers
This report Future Opportunities for Bioeconomy in the West Nordic Region provides an overview of bioresources in the West Nordic region focusing on Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland, their utilisation and future opportunities based on green growth.
August 2014
Nordic Council of Ministers
The report Climate change and primary industries: Impacts, adaptation and mitigaton in the Nordic countries and policy recommendations provide a baseline and a way forward, a focus for the activities that can help the Nordic region to address the threats and opportunities of climate change for our primary production systems.
February 2014
Nordic Council of Ministers

Fossil-fuel subsidies matter: for sustainable development; for government budgets; for the poor; for women; and for the environment. Subsidies amounted to $544 billion (2012) and are largest in MENA and Southeast Asia.