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August 2015

This report provides recommendations on the design and distribution of policymakers and development finance institutions' policy and financing tools to enable fast and cost-effective deployment of geothermal in developing countries.

June 2015
Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)

A growing number of government, business and civil society, including Unilever and IDH, have a goal of transforming the Indonesian rural economy by 2020, to deliver net positive environmental impacts and improve smallholder farmer livelihoods.

April 2015
Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)

The Governments of Indonesia and Central Kalimantan have ambitious targets to both grow the palm oil sector and improve environmental quality by reducing deforestation, and smallholder farmers are an important part of the picture.

July 2014

Indonesia’s desire to drive economic growth and reduce climate risk is reflected in the sweeping policy reforms it has introduced in recent years to meet targets announced in 2009 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.