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June 2018
Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)
The Addressing Off-Taker Risk in Renewable Projects in India: A Framework for Designing a Payment Security Mechanism as a Credit Enhancement Device technical paper presents a payment security mechanism that aims to enhance the credit quality of renewable energy projects in India by providing protection against defaults/delays in payment obligations due towards a project.
February 2018
Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
This paper Scaling up Rooftop Solar Power in India: The Potential of Solar Municipal Bonds proposes the use of municipal bonds to support the scale-up of rooftop solar in India, and details how such bonds could be designed and implemented.
December 2015

Physical infrastructure, such as energy, transportation, telecommunications, water, and sanitation systems, can contribute to the sustained growth of a national economy.

May 2015

The Government of India has set ambitious renewable energy targets for 2022, in order to achieve its climate goals and enhance energy security. Given India’s budget constraints, a cost-effective policy path will be crucial to achieving these targets.

April 2015

The Government of India has ambitious renewable energy targets, but limited financial resources to meet those targets.