Trade and Environment Review 2016: Fish Trade

November 2016
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

For the first time, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have created a stand-alone charter that addresses the health of marine resources and ecosystems, with specific regard for fish. SDG 14 brings international attention to the overexploitation of oceans and marine resources to the extent that their sustainability and resilience is threatened on a global scale. In particular it points to a pressing need for the international community to address the issue of the conservation and the rebuilding of global fish stocks that have been so quickly depleted.

Trade and Environment Review 2016: Fish Trade examines issues pertinent to the promotion of sustainable use of living marine resources in healthy oceans and seas, bringing together a collection of independent articles by 24 leading experts and practitioners on fish governance systems; fish harvest, production and consumption; unsustainable fishing practices; fish and marine ecosystems management; and fish trade. The Review provides a succinct diagnosis of some of the key challenges to be faced in addressing SDG 14, as well as novel suggestions and innovations to advance its implementation.

In order to avert what could be considered the first global tragedy of the commons, TER16 promotes the creation of a global monitoring and review process (a High-Level United Nations Conference) in order to complement the effective implementation of existing global governance frameworks that provide the legal basis consisting of rights and obligations of Member States over life on seas and for the development of sustainable fisheries on the advancement of trade-related targets under SDG 14.


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