Towards A Green Economy in Germany? The Role of Energy Efficiency Policies

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October 2016
Marc Ringel, Barbara Schlomann, Michael Krail, Clemens Rohde
Applied Energy (Elsevier)

Energy efficiency policies play a key role in the transformation to a ‘green energy economy’. This article takes stock of the impacts of the existing energy efficiency policy instruments in Germany and reviews the energy, environmental and socioeconomic impacts of the country’s latest energy efficiency and climate strategies for the year 2020. The paper finds evidence supporting the findings of other studies that enhanced green energy policies will trigger tangible economic benefits in terms of GDP growth and new jobs even in the short term. Whereas policy makers have already acknowledged and implemented this conclusion in the case of renewable energies, this article shows that striving for more ambitious energy efficiency policies represents a similar win–win strategy, which should be exploited to a much larger extent.