TEEB for Agriculture & Food: Scientific and Economic Foundations

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June 2018
TEEB for Agriculture and Food (TEEBAgriFood)
TEEBAgriFood Scientific and Economic Foundations Report

The Scientific and Economic Foundations report addresses the core theoretical issues and controversies underpinning the evaluation of the nexus between the agri-food sector, biodiversity and ecosystem services and externalities including human health impacts from agriculture on a global scale. It argues the need for a 'systems thinking' approach, draws out issues related to health, nutrition, equity and livelihoods, presents a Framework for evaluation and describes how it can be applied, and identifies theories and pathways for transformational change.

Measuring what matters in agriculture and food systems presents a synthesis of the results and recommendations in this report, including an overview of the TEEBAgriFood Evaluation Framework and a series of “Framework-testing studies” on various applications of the Framework, including policy scenario analyses, farming typology comparisons, dietary comparisons of different food plates and product impact comparisons.


About the TEEB AgriFood Initiative

The TEEBAgriFood initiative seeks to provide a comprehensive economic evaluation of the “eco-agri-food systems” complex, and demonstrate that the economic environment in which farmers operate is distorted by significant externalities, both negative and positive, and a lack of awareness of dependency on natural, human and social capital.