Tackling Fossil Fuel Subsidies and Climate Change: Levelling the Energy Playing Field

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October 2015
Laura Merrill, Andrea M. Bassi, Richard Bridle, Lasse T. Christensen
Nordic Council of Ministers

This report presents a model that analyses fossil fuel subsidy reform across 20 countries showing an average reduction in national GHG emissions of 11% by 2020, and average annual government savings of USD 93 per tonne of CO2 abated. With a modest recycling of resources to renewables and energy efficiency, emissions reductions can be improved to an average of 18%. Some countries have included reforms in Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, toward a climate agreement. The report presents case studies from Morocco, Philippines and Jordan and was authored by the Global Subsidies Initiative of IISD, as part of the Nordic Prime Ministers’ green growth initiative.