State of Vancouver's Green Economy 2018

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July 2018
Juvarya Veltkamp
Vancouver Economic Commission

The State of Vancouver's Green Economy 2018 details the city of Vancouver’s transformation from a resource based economy to now one of the fastest growing, diverse and greenest economies in the world. The report shows: 

  • A 35% increase in green jobs since 2010;
  • 1 in 15 Vancouverites now working in the green economy;
  • $6bn in equity for cleantech firms;
  • A $31.5bn dollar city brand value driven by our green economy, and
  • Through the development of the most robust and gold standard ‘green jobs methodology’ that has been benchmarked by cities with the C40 and other ‘green cities’ around the world.

The report outlines how Vancouver has become a green business hub; built capacity in environmental engineering, environmental assessments and site remediation, and how supportive regulations and a strong investment climate have made it an epicentre for services like carbon accounting, zero waste consulting and sustainability reporting. It provides a snapshot of the city's plan for zero emissions green buildings and public sector and corporate strategic investments to drive cleantech growth. The report also details Vancouver's approach to materials management, driven by a combination of policy, innovation and consumer awareness, and green mobility solutions that range from transportation planning and public transit to vehicle sharing and internet-enabled route-planning platforms.