The Search for Synergy: Business Environment Reform and Green Growth

July 2017
Matthias Ploeg, Carlos Hinojosa, Michal Miedzinski
Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED)

Business Environment Reform (BER) and Green Growth (GG) are both important parts of and strategies for sustainable development of emerging economies. While these two policy domains have their own core objectives and implementation strategies, there is a high potential for bringing out synergies but also to mitigate risks of trade-offs.

This practical guide is addressed to policy makers and development practitioners working on GG and BER. This purpose of this guide is to support program designers and managers at donor agencies, policy makers, development practitioners and evaluators in leveraging these synergies and avoiding trade-offs. The guide is meant for professionals working on BER and/or GG and those wishing to include elements and synergies in related policy areas.


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