A National Green Growth Plan for Jordan

May 2017
Jordanian Ministry of Environment, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

This National Green Growth Plan (NGGP) applies green growth to Jordan as a practical approach that builds upon existing government strategies, primarily Vision 2025, and demonstrates pathways to achieving them in a sustainable way. This is reflected by a focus on shifting existing interventions towards implementation, defining not “what should be done” but rather “how it can be done well”. This manifests in the usage of rigorous, quantitative appraisal of selected sectoral opportunities and providing a clear timeline for implementation. 

With this in mind, Part 1, Jordan’s growth trajectory, begins by introducing the concept of green growth in relation to Jordan’s existing country context, observing current trends and some of the potential costs of inaction. Part 2, Sectoral green growth opportunities, is evidence-based and analytical. It is a proof of concept for using consistent methodologies that account for economic externalities and go beyond financial considerations in investment and policy decision-making. In line with this focus on implementation, Part 3, Scaling up the green growth opportunity, focuses on scaling up these green growth opportunities and identifying the key barriers and policy enablers to implementing Jordan’s Vision. Part 4, Cross-cutting policies and governance for green growth, outlines the finance mechanisms which will be required to implement green growth. Part 5, Financing mechanisms for green growth, pulls these items together into a coherent implementation agenda to begin Jordan’s journey towards green growth.


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