Measuring What Matters in Agriculture and Food Systems

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June 2018

Measuring what matters in agriculture and food systems presents a synthesis of the results and recommendations of the TEEB for Agriculture and Food’s Scientific and Economic Foundations report, a study launched by UN Environment on World Environment Day 2018, which demonstrates how to capture the complex reality of today’s diverse and intertwined “eco-agrifood” systems in order to evaluate their performance in a holistic manner to support decision-making, avoiding the risks and limitations inherent in simplistic metrics such as “per hectare productivity”.


About the TEEBAgriFood Initiative

The TEEBAgriFood initiative seeks to provide a comprehensive economic evaluation of the “eco-agri-food systems” complex, and demonstrate that the economic environment in which farmers operate is distorted by significant externalities, both negative and positive, and a lack of awareness of dependency on natural, human and social capital.