Landscape of Domestic Climate Finance: Low-carbon investment 2011 - 2017

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September 2018
I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics

This report maps domestic financial flows towards climate change action and a green energy transition in France. Findings are compared from year to year and assessed in comparison to projected investment needs to achieve national GHG reduction targets and other energy transition objectives.

The Landscape of Climate Finance is based on the aggregation of a large number of publicly-available sources. All results reflect explicit methodological choices made by the authors and should thus be understood as estimates of the order of magnitude of flows, with varying degrees of uncertainty. Results are updated annually and revised according to the availability of new sources and evolutions in the methodology.presents an overview of French climate policy over the last decade, complemented with descriptions of the principal policies and approaches taken sector by sector. 

The principal objective of the study is to support public debate on the role and relevancy of public and private financial flows in support of climate-related investments.