Inclusive Green Growth Index: A New Benchmark for Quality of Growth

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October 2018
Asian Development Bank (ADB)

This publication launches the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Inclusive Green Growth Index (IGGI) — a new metric for quality of growth that reflects economic growth, social equity, environmental sustainability.

The index’s 28 performance indicators include data over time—and across countries—on various aspects of growth and policy outcomes in areas where higher investment will advance better quality of growth and living standards. Building on current measures and indices, the IGGI is designed an easy-to-use guide for policy makers to make informed decisions on prioritizing infrastructure investments and financial allocations to deliver a better quality of growth.

This publication emphasizes the need for robust institutions and shifts in decision-making processes for balanced development. Towards this end, there is a need for strengthened coordination between agencies for prioritizing, planning, and implementing infrastructure investments and services. It also spotlights the need for deepened integration between local, provincial, and national agencies to improve efficiencies in project management and for optimizing financial resources.