Guide to Communicating Carbon Pricing

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December 2018
World Bank Group

Stakeholder and public support are critical for an enduring and robust carbon pricing policy. How jurisdictions communicate their carbon pricing policy plays a key role in creating and maintaining that support. Drawing on case studies, research, and best practice, the report, Guide to Communicating Carbon Pricing, provides guidance on designing and implementing effective carbon pricing communications strategies.

Effective communications are integral to designing and implementing a carbon price. They provide the means for building acceptance internally across government and externally with key stakeholders and the wider public. This shared understanding and acceptance is essential for building a robust policy that can be sustained through electoral and economic cycles.

This Guide provides practical, step-by-step guidance on how to develop communications strategies for carbon pricing, and how to integrate communications into the policymaking process. The evidence is drawn from a large body of formal research, including over 30 interviews and an international survey of leading practitioners from governments, civil society, and business.