Green Jobs in the Forest Sector

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June 2018
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Green Jobs in the Forest Sector  presents an analysis of the current landscape of occupations in the forestry sector, a key sector contributing to the transition to a green economy.

The study provides guidance on how to carry out the identification of current and anticipated skill needs for the green economy and green jobs. The information gathered was clustered in seven thematic areas: “Wood and Energy Production”, “Agroforestry and Mountain Forestry”, “Social and Urban Development”, “Forest Management, Inventory and Planning”, “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning”, “Health and Recreation”, “Education and Research”, and nineteen related fields of activity. Each of the nineteen fields of activity is described in a short summary of general skills, expertise and professions needed in that field. Furthermore, specific activities, products and services are described and job specifications are listed.

The findings suggest:

  • Forest ecosystem services management is the pillar for green forest jobs.
  • Green forest jobs are developing but the progress is still slow.
  • The public perception of forest sector, and related jobs, does not reflect all its merits.
  • Revision of existing curricula and design of new career paths is fundamental to address the skill gaps.
  • Training and support are key for an inclusive transition to a green economy.