Green Economy Initiatives: Success Stories and Lessons Learned in the Arab Region

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December 2012
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA)

Renewable energy together with energy efficiency, sustainable transport, sustainable agriculture, sustainable tourism, green building and waste management are economic sectors which are often considered capable of paving the way for a transition to a green economy and providing win-win solutions offering job creation, poverty alleviation and environmental protection. However, there are a number of obstacles and challenges that might inhibit these sectors in their contribution towards greening the economy. These include limited knowledge and awareness relevant to green economy and green jobs, gaps in policy and regulations, limited financial incentives to support green initiatives, and related awareness and skill shortages.

This report on “Green Economy Initiatives, Success Stories and Lessons Learned in the Arab Region” responds to the call for disseminating information and best practice on green economy opportunities. It aims to inform stakeholders of success stories, initiatives and programmes related to selected sectors: renewable energy; energy efficiency and conservation; sustainable agriculture; green/sustainable transport; sustainable tourism; waste management; and green building. Each case presented in the booklet provides an introduction/background followed by a brief description of the success stories and initiatives/programmes and their impact. The cases cover Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Bahrain.