The Green Economy Barometer 2017

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January 2018
Green Economy Coalition (GEC)

Every year, the Green Economy Coalition publishes the Green Economy Barometer, an analysis of the state of the global movement towards a fair, sustainable future. The Barometer tracks the transition, both celebrating the successes, and calling attention to challenges yet to be overcome. It contains key stats, facts, and highlights from the year 2017, and it casts an eye ahead to what the next twelve months have in store.

The Green Economy Barometer 2017 argues that the light on the global green economy horizon has brightened this year: markets are booming; new narratives are emerging; investment is flowing. Tipping points in energy, transport, and global leadership may well be arriving. But that same story looks different from the ground: young people need jobs; biodiversity is in crisis; and rural economies are being left behind.

Energy, Transport