G20 Background Paper: Green Growth To Achieve the Paris Agreement

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February 2019
Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)
This report focuses on the challenges and opportunities faced by developing countries that are related to the Paris Agreement, both emerging as well as the least developed and most vulnerable countries. The paper is based primarily on the emerging evidence and experience gained on the ground in the GGGI's 30 member countries in recent years, complemented by the published results of leading organizations in each of the areas reviewed.
First, the report reviews the experience gained in GGGI’s member countries in the development of national green growth plans, NDC action plans and roadmaps, and the low emission development strategy for a small island developing nation. Subsequently, the paper evaluates experience related to the implementation and financing of such green growth plans in a number of high-priority areas—which is critical to the success of the Paris Agreement—including the renewable energy transition, electrification of transportation, green buildings and infrastructure, and green employment. As financing the green growth transition and climate action is critical, issues related to finance are discussed in a separate section. The report concludes with a section on recommendations for the G20, based on the foregoing analysis.