Financing for Sustainable Development Report 2019

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April 2019
Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the state of sustainable finance. Prepared by more than 60 UN agencies, programmes and offices and other relevant international organizations, the report puts forward a set of policy recommendations for achieving tangible progress on financing for sustainable development in 2019 and beyond.

Six key messages emerge from this year’s analysis:

  • While global growth is steady, it has peaked; debt risks are rising; and climate change continues apace. These global challenges put our aspirations at risk and raise the urgency of action.
  • The multilateral system is under strain, but as we revisit existing arrangements in trade, debt, tax cooperation and other areas, we open the door to making them fit for purpose for sustainable development.
  • Rather than retreating from multilateralism, the international community must recommit to the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (2015) and strengthen collective action to address global challenges.
  • Global approaches need to be complemented by national actions. Countries should consider developing integrated national financing frameworks to support national development strategies.
  • Achieving sustainable development requires a long-term perspective. Public and private incentives need to be aligned with sustainable development so that all financing decisions incorporate sustainability as a central concern.
  • We must harness the potential of innovation to strengthen development finance. Yet such innovations do not eliminate financial and sustainability risks, which policy makers and regulators need to manage carefully.

This report is the fourth edition of the Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development (ITFD) report series. Previous editions are avaialbe at the links below.