Climate Change and the Agri-Food Trade: Perceptions of exporters in Peru and Uganda

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June 2015
International Trade Centre (ITC)

The report presents the findings of research on the perceptions of agri-food exporters of climate change. It provides direct insight into the perceived needs of business and exporters in responding to climate change impacts in Uganda and Peru, to inform ITC, its clients and other Aid for Trade practitioners on strategies to mainstream climate resilience among exporters and to improve the effectiveness of support for adaptation. Part 1 on Uganda shares the perceptions of agri-food exporters in key export sectors including coffee, tea, cocoa, cotton, fruits and spices. Part 2, on Peru, shares the perceptions of agri-food exporters in the coffee and cocoa sectors. 

Climate change is reducing the competitiveness of agricultural exports from developing countries and provides recommendations from stakeholders on how to improve the delivery of climate assistance to exportersIn particular, exporters call on their governments to integrate climate change into long-term, sector-specific policies and investment strategies. The study’s recommendations include: an international climate platform to share best practices and reliable climate information; targeted training in climate-smart agriculture and sustainable certification; financing for sustainable practices and infrastructure; better public-private networks; and partnerships to attract support to manage climate risks. 

Peru, Uganda