China Green Development Index Report 2011

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January 2013
Xiaoxi Li, Jiancheng Pan
Beijing Normal University, Current Chinese Economic Report Series (Springer)

The report was launched at the beginning of China’s Twelfth Five-year Period (2011-2015). After revising the measurement system of the Green Development Index 2010, the report measures the green development level of 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions as well as 34 large and medium-sized cities in China. The city-based measurement is first introduced into the report. Both the province and the city Green Development Index systems consist of three parts: i) the green degree of economic growth, ii) the carrying potential of natural resources and environment, and iii) the support degree of government policies. The three parts reflect the production and resource usage efficiency, the situation of environment and resources protection and pollutants emission, and government’s related investment and management respectively.

The report also summarizes the achievements in China’s green development during the Eleventh Five-year Period (2006-2010). The China Green Development Index Report 2011 provides a comprehensive evaluation of green economy developments in China and its importance to China’s switch in economic development model.