Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition Report

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May 2018
World Bank Group

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition Leadership Report serves as the Coalition's annual report by providing the latest on the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) activities while also aiming to inspire government and business leaders to take more action. 

CPLC is a voluntary partnership of national and sub-national governments, businesses and civil society organizations that agree to advance the carbon pricing agenda.  The report features selected leadership profiles and includes more opinion pieces that challenge CPLC audience to increase ambition and turn advocacy into action. It provides a comprehensive overview of the experiences of the carbon pricing systems around the world and states the CPLC's work plan structured around four pillars, each with a corresponding working group: fostering governments leadership, building and sharing the evidence base, mobilizing business support and communications. 

Going forward CPLC plans to work toward the goal of putting effective carbon pricing policies that maintain competitiveness, create jobs, encourage innovation and deliver meaningful emissions reductions.