Business Planning for Biodiversity Net Gain: A Roadmap

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November 2018

The steps set out in this document enable a company to decide whether it wishes to make the transition to activities that deliver a Net Gain for Biodiversity (BNG) - or at least No Net Loss - and how to get there. This roadmap document does not give detailed directions, but an outline with links to more help. It is based on the Plan-Do-CheckAct Cycle that forms part of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, as shown in Diagram 1. It does not seek to be prescriptive, understanding that different companies have different internal structures, products and relationships.

Part 1 explains the ‘why and what’ of planning for BNG, including the opportunities and risks of doing so. The scope of planning for BNG can vary, and it can be approached in a number of ways characterised in this document as:
A. Commit to BNG in individual operations and partnerships at the site or project level;
B. Aspire to apply BNG across their business; and/or
C. Encourage BNG through their value chain.
D. Support BNG as financial institutions through their investment strategy and engagement.
Part 2 offers actions towards BNG that businesses can take for their preferred scope, with one possible output being a company plan for BNG. This is set out in a series of steps and notes some distinctions between different approaches that can be taken.
Part 3 offers additional resources and links to more tools and information.