Building Capacity for Risk Management in a Changing Climate

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August 2017
Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

The Raising Risk Awareness project uses the latest advances in climate science to understand the role of climate change in the occurrence of extreme events such as flooding, droughts and heatwaves in developing countries. The project analyses the role of climate change in recent droughts in Ethiopia and Kenya, recent flooding and heatwave events in India, and the risk of coastal flooding due to sea level rise in Bangladesh using the Surging Seas tool. The project also considers how such information is communicated between those who undertake the analyses (scientists), those who disseminate the information (media and communicators) and those who ultimately incorporate this information in decision-making (policy-makers). 

This report provides a summary of the project’s results and learning. In summarising both the project’s activities and stakeholders’ responses, this report may prove useful to scientists, development agencies and civil society-based organisations who wish to build on this foundational work in the future.