Application of DMDU (Decision Making Under Uncertainty Methodology) on Korean Transportation Infrastructure Feasibility Study

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November 2017
Ki Han Song, Jae Hak Oh, Min Joo Jung, Ji Hyung Park, Da Hee Hong
Korea Transport Institute (KOTI), GGKP Annual Conference
Song_Application of Decision Making Under Uncertainty Methodology on Korean Transportation Infrastructure Feasibility Study

Feasibility assessment has been conducted in order to make a decision for investment on transportation infrastructure in Korea. With respect to the feasibility assessment, the Ministry of Finance has conducted a pre-feasibility study and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation has implemented a feasibility evaluation. However, the methodology for real application in consideration of deep uncertainty has been limited to a sensitivity analysis and scenario evaluation. In this regard, the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI), which is under the Prime Minister’s Office, is currently conducting a case study in order to come up with a practical methodology for DMU techniques application. As the outcome of this process, KOTI has developed suitable DMU techniques for Korea and applied them to the past case on that basis. With definition of uncertainties on transportation infrastructure, KOTI is planning to present implications and limitations, and explain the efforts that should be implemented in order to apply them in Korea in the future.

Republic of Korea