Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme

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The Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme (SBC) aims at improving the knowledge of sustainable construction and to support and mainstream sustainable building solutions. Through the programme, all major sustainable construction activities can be brought together under the same umbrella. The work involves sharing good practices, launching implementation projects, creating cooperation networks and committing actors around the world to sustainable construction.

The goals of the programme are to promote resource efficiency, mitigation and adaptation efforts, and the shift to SCP patterns in the buildings and construction sector. These goals are being operationalized through several concrete work areas:

  • Foster enabling frameworks to implement SBC policies;
  • Promote Sustainable Housing, including affordable and social housing;
  • Enhance Sustainability in the Building Supply Chain;
  • Reduce climate impact and strengthen climate resilience of the buildings and construction sector; and
  • Promote knowledge sharing, outreach and awareness raising

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