Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Project

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The objective of the Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Additional Financing (AF) Project for Paraguay is to improve in a sustainable way the socio-economic condition of small-scale farmers and indigenous communities in the project area, through the support of actions to strengthen their community organization, self-governance, and access to markets and value chains. The proposed AF will help finance the costs associated with scaling up the activities of a project that has proven an effective tool for fighting rural poverty in Paraguay. The project has five original components. (1) Community organization development and capacity building; (2) Rural extension and adaptive research; (3) Sustainable rural development fund; (4) Animal health improvement; and (5) Project management, monitoring, and evaluation. The following changes will be introduced to components: (i) Component 1: a new Sub-component 1(d) will support the design and implementation of a financial education program aiming to increase project stakeholders’ knowledge of financial and commercial matters to improve their ability to optimize the monetary benefits from their agricultural production and marketing, which is crucial for their economic growth. (ii) Component 3: activities of the component will focus completely on community subproject without any INDERT subprojects5; (iii) Component 4: Animal Health activities financed under the original loan will be oriented towards strengthening the project’s support for small producers, rather than in the national-level activities to control Foot and Mouth Disease.

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