Solar Health in Rural Uganda

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Let There Be Light International

Let There Be Light International's Solar Health in Rural Uganda Project focuses on improving the health and safety of off-grid communities in rural Uganda. The Solar Health Project engages in three primary activities through grant-based programmatic partnerships with local NGO's and other stakeholders. Let There Be Light International (LTBLI) is a data-driven nonprofit organization that fights global climate change and extreme poverty through the provision of solar lights to off-grid communities living in extreme energy poverty. We collect pre- and post-electrification and distribution data and encourage all organizations working in low-resource communities to adopt a renewable energy and energy access perspective. LTBLI is a member of the UN Foundation's Practitioner Network.

1) LTBLI and our partners raise awareness about the benefits of off-grid renewable solar lighting inputs. We conduct outreach and educational forums, create educational content and hold community meetings to discuss the dangers of kerosene and black carbon and the benefits of solar lanterns.
2) LTBLI and our partners distribute and donate safe solar pico lanterns to highly vulnerable, marginalized community members identified by local stakeholders as needing a safe light. Health and safety impacts include reductions in home fires, childhood burns, respiratory infections, and eye irritation. To date, we have donated 4,225 lights at at-risk individuals and families including homebound elders, people living with disabilities, new mothers, and others unable to participate in market-based lighting solutions due to age, disability, or caretaking responsibilities.
3) LTBLI and our partners solar electrify prioritized rural off-grid health centers in Uganda. To date, we have solar electrified 14 off-grid health centers, impacting health care and health service delivery to more than 150,000 people living in rural Uganda.

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