Programme Macro-economic reforms – Green Growth - Vietnam

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The programme supports the Vietnamese government with developing and implementing macro-economic reforms for an environmentally and socially inclusive growth pattern. In this regard, Vietnam’s Green Growth Strategy (VGGS) serves as a cornerstone and benchmark. GIZ provides strategic advice, capacity development as well as methodological support to the Vietnamese government to implement the green growth strategy by focusing on three central economic and financial institutions: the Ministry of Planning and Investment which is supported to coordinate the implementation of VGGS, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and the Vietnamese central bank. Strategic elements of GIZ support to the MOF relate to improving public financial management and supporting ecological fiscal policy measures whereas the central bank is assisted to create a suitable framework for ecologically friendly investments. The programme additionally includes other relevant institutional stakeholders such as the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Industry and Trade in order to maximise potential synergies between line ministries. Pilot measures aiming at enhanced budgeting and planning processes are conducted at a decentralised level within five provinces.

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