Indicators of Local Transition to a Low-carbon Economy

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This project details results from an analysis of key indicators of area-based transition to a low-carbon economy. The objective of the project was to provide defined measureable indicators at the regional/ local level that can inform over time transition to low carbon-economic and industrial activities addressing two aspects of green growth economy; fostering job creation, and economic development in the new areas of growth and sustainable development.

The indicators of green growth need to measure progress of regional/ local level transition to a low-carbon economy. These indicators will need measure progress over a variety of different regions with different starting positions, regional assets and national and industrial contexts and be able to track progress over time in these regions over time, demonstrating progress on transition to a low-carbon economy and providing input into policy development at the regional level to accelerate this transition.

Regions exist with an established industrial structure. This may change and evolve over time and the objective of this research is to highlight ways in which this evolution may be adjusted and supported to maximize the opportunities that transition to low carbon economy can generate.

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