Improving Food Security in Africa Through Increased System Productivity of Biomass-Based Value Webs- BiomassWeb

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Center for Development Research (ZEF), Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)

Increasing global demand for biomass has increased pressure on the agricultural sector and food production in the past decade, especially in Africa. Concepts to increase food security while attending growing demands for non-food biomass and developing alternative biomass sources are still in their infant stages. BiomassWeb aims therefore at contributing to food security in Sub-Saharan Africa by focusing on biomass-based value webs, which are complex systems of interlinked value chains in which food and fodder, fuels, and other raw materials are produced, processed and traded.

The overall goal of the project is to raise food security in Africa through harnessing productivity and efficiency gains in the whole biomass-producing, processing and trading system by increased integration of all value web components and the cascading utilization of biomass. The project will identify innovation opportunities in pre- and post-harvest production technologies, institutional settings and governance structures.

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Dr. Manfred Denich
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