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The Government of Peru (GoP) recognizes that to sustain the country’s recent growth, address water demand in urban areas, and increase the economic value of its water resources improvements in Peru’s water sector must be achieved. In support of this goal, GGGI has partnered with the National Water Authority (ANA) to implement the Peru Water-Green Growth Nexus project, which is supporting private sector financing efforts of green growth action plans prioritized in the GoP’s National Water Resources Plan and Basin Plans. The project work includes:

  • Coordinating the collaboration of public sector and private sector expertise
  • Promoting private investments in water infrastructure
  • Increasing the efficiency and productivity of water resources
  • Improving the valuation of water resources
  • Raising awareness among institutional stakeholders on water and green growth issues

The overall objectives of this project are to support the prioritization of the investments identified in existing planning documents; the promotion of private sector investment in identified opportunities; and the integrated water resources planning in key basins that still do not have a plan.

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Aaron Drayer
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