GGGI Morocco - MENA Green Growth Planning

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The Government of Morocco is seeking opportunities to forge new paths to more diverse, inclusive and sustainable development. GGGI, in partnership with the United Arab Emirates government, is supporting Morocco’s climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts through the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Green Growth Planning project, which is:

  • Conducting analytical studies to identify potential areas for green growth
  • Supporting the implementation plan in renewable energy, water policy, waste management and climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Supporting the implementation of a green investment strategy
  • Assisting in the implementation of national development and capacity building activities
  • Supporting the establishment of the Green Technology Center-Morocco

The objectives of the project are to develop capacity building mechanism and knowledge sharing frameworks that will support skills development for green growth policies and assist Morocco and MENA countries achieve green growth goals and develop a Green Growth Implementation Roadmap to strengthen ongoing sector related policies for agriculture, energy, water and waste management. 

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